Will DVDs purchased from Forza Italia
play in any player around the world?

No. Each DVD product is manufactured with a specified region code, allowing playback only in the world region in which the product is distributed.

Most DVDs from Forza Italia are Region 2 (Europe) as these movies are produced in the Italian market.
We also offer a range of locally produced Italian films (Region 4) however the range is limited.

How to check
Look out for the following logos on the back of covers these indicate its Region 2 - Europe

How to Play them
- Use a Multi-region DVD player—which play DVDs from all or a number of regions. You will need to refer to your DVD player manufacturer or player specifications to see which type it is.
- Unlock your DVD player
– using a remote control and entering an unlock code.
In most cases, you can find this code by searching through the internet (google) with the words:
Dvd unlock Brand Model (i.e Phillips MX1060D)

Subtitles = Sottotitoli
Inglese = English

Italiano = Italian for hearing impaired
If not shown on dvd cover, in most cases it will not have subtitles.
If unsure, please contact us for assistance.

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